FlowMon IPv6 Tunnel Monitoring Plugin



This site is a homepage of the FlowMon IPv6 Tunnel Monitoring Plugin.

The plugin is tested with FlowMon 3.x.x and provides an IPv6 tunnel monitoring functionality.
The plugin requires FlowMon - IPFIX Export Plugin for export.


Martin Elich - elich@mail.muni.cz


Version 1.1.2, release date: May 18, 2013 flowmon-input-ip6tun-1.1.2.tar.gz

Papers about IPv6 Transition Mechanisms

Doxygen documentation

Doxygen generated code documentation is available here.



The plugin was tested on CentOS 5

Compilation requires FlowMon development headers to be installed.


To compile and install the plugin, follow these steps:

$ tar xpzf flowmon-export-ip6tun-*.tar.gz
$ cd flowmon-export-ip6tun-*
$ make


The plugin must be loaded to flowmonexp using -X option. Running flowmonexp with -l option shows help for all available plugins. The ip6tun input plugin is called input-ip6tun.

$ flowmonexp -X /path/to/input-ip6tun.so -l
$ flowmonexp -X /path/to/input-ip6tun.so -I input-ip6tun:pcap_if=eth0 -X /path/to/flowmon-export-ipfix.so -E ipfixx:host=localhost

Using the above mentioned settings the exporter will read traffic from eth0 interface using PCAP library and send resulting flows to localhost on default port.


The plugin creates flows based of tunneled packets so the outer flow will be breaked in to several part depanding on these tunneled flows.

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