Java Swing Fractal Generator

Requires Java Web Start technology installed on your computer. Java Web Start is installed together with JRE or JDK since Java 1.5.

START with JDK 1.6+

This application uses javax.imageio.ImageIO class for saving images in PNG format and java.beans.XMLEncoder class for saving configuration settings, which are available since JDK 1.4.0. It also uses SwingWorker class, which is available since JDK 1.6.0. So this JNLP (Java Network Launching Protocol) file asks specifically for JDK version 1.6.

JDK 1.3 version

However, following version is prepared for JDK1.3 by disabling saving. Use it if you have only JDK 1.3 or if you want to use IBM JDK for its speed: